About Us

Welcome to SubbuteoClub, our site dedicated to our solo Subbuteo league and Stadium build project. Our Subbuteo League has been running since 1988 and although it took a bit of a dip for a number of years, Subbuteo made a resurgence during the pandemic.

Our Subbuteo League is a great place to enjoy the game of Subbuteo and follow the progress of many top teams. Many Subbuteo players run their own leagues, but we do not think there are many that run their leagues as if they were real, with news, updates, and all the fun around promotion, relegation and Cup Finals. So we thought it would be good to share it with you all.

We try and play using each team in an unbiased way as much as possible, but there are some influences, which may affect how each team plays: These are:

  • Current SubbuteoCLUB form
  • Historical SubbuteoCLUB form
  • Real-life club form

plus how the team performs on match day!

As our games are strictly ‘solo’ it does mean that there is not an opportunity for you to play matches that have an impact on our leagues. But we do have other ways that you can enjoy and interact with our league. We offer sponsorship opportunities for both leagues and clubs. Not only does this give you the chance to advertise your own business or website on SubbuteoCLUB, but you can also show your allegiance to your club of choice and support us to keep this website running at the same time!

We offer sponsors the chance to influence key decisions about how our league is run by giving you the chance to vote on key issues during the off-season. Visitors also have the ability to add comments to our news and matches pages, so you can become a true fan.

We are not affiliated with any other Subbuteo website or manufacturer. We are completely independent and do this for our enjoyment of the hobby. We do not allow betting on any of our matches as this could easily be manipulated.

There is also a lack of Subbuteo based websites that have an active following. The Subbuteo Forum is now very quiet, so it would be nice to build a community of like-minded Subbuteo fans here. We hope you enjoy the site and we always look forward to hearing from you all whether it be a positive or negative comment or just a suggestion!

Thanks for reading and remember, the main thing is to enjoy the Subbuteo!

P.S. You can contact us using the form below.