Digital Advertising Boards

After a long wait for a special delivery, which has come all the way from China, we are now the proud owners of a couple of digital advertising boards. We only ordered a few to test, but plans are afoot to add some more if they prove to be what we need. Thankfully, they do appear to be the right size to go around the pitch and bring a modern touch to my stadium…

They can be programmed to display different wording and have a number of transition effects too. They can only display a single colour due to the limits of technology at this scale, so we need to decide what colours to go with for our stadium.

These are not too expensive, but we are thinking we will probably limit them to the ends of the ground, as this will require 12 units. If we add more to the sides, then we are looking at 30+, which will be too much of a headache to turn on/off individually.

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