East Stand Under Construction

The stadium build has taken a bit of a back seat recently, due to many other activities going on, including playing lots of Subbuteo matches.

Now autumn is approaching fast and there is less opportunity to go outside and get burnt, I mean get a nice suntan, it is a good time to return to the build project.

We have decided to take on the laborious task of painting all the Subbuteo stands grey, so that when we glue the 3D-printed seating, it looks as realistic as possible. We are also painting the stairs a “dirty” yellow, to look like the original White Hart Lanes steps.

This is not the most exciting job in the world and there are a lot of grandstand pieces to paint. This is made even worse by the current cost of grey paint. Yes, we could purchase grey plastic grandstands, but they are also expensive to get hold of these days and we do already have a huge stock of the red/blue ones.

Now we have two grandstands painted, we can start to see who it will look. We do not want to go too far with this job, as we still need to work out how we are going to construct the West Stand, with its two levels of corporate boxes. The other stands will need to be raised somehow to keep inline with the West Stand and make sure that the roof is level all the way around, just like the real stadium.

In the meantime we shall return to the painting job, that will certainly give us plenty of thinking time to try and come up with a solution.

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