Euro Cup Semi-Final Keeps Fans Guessing Until The Last Whistle

The second European Cup semi-final has taken place between Inter Milan and Atletico Madrid. When the teams were drawn for the semi-final, many fans were upset when these two powerhouses were drawn together, rather than a possible meeting in the Final.

Instead, it gave everyone an incredible semi-final match where there was everything to play for, but only one team could progress. Inter were slight favourites for the match, partly due to having home advantage.

As the match kicked off, Atletico went for an early first goal but were unable to find a break through. The tide soon turned and Inter became the dominant team. Despite some early saves from Atletico’s keeper, Inter soon found the back of the net.

Inter followed it it with another goal soon afterwards and then shocked the away side with a third. The goal was a fantastic chip above two defenders and then it hit the goal post and went in, after putting the keeper was going in the other direction.

Atletico looked out of the match, until an Inter defender gave away a free kick. Atletico were quick to take the shot and scored. Only a few minutes later and Inter were guilty of another foul, as they appeared to think the game was all over. Atletico duly converted the second free kick to make the score 3-2.

The team from Spain now had the momentum to go for an equaliser and Inter woke up and defended for their lives. It was a tense end to a great match, with the possibility of one more goal changing the outcome.

Thankfully for the Italians, Inter managed to hold on and were relieved when the final whistle was blown. Inter go into their first European Cup final, whilst the Spanish will be left wondering how they managed to give away a 3-0 lead in the first place.

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