FA Cup Final Configuration

Our stadium has been setup to host this weekends FA Cup Final. The pitch has been changed to a rather tidy chequered pattern, which looks really good. This is actually another Pegasus pitch that has been laid on top of the existing pitch – although we did have to trim the edges to get it to fit between the pitch side barriers.

It does look good, but as it just sits on top of the other pitch rather than being glued, it is a little soft. This may be a good replica of the old Wembley pitch, which was said to be different to many league grounds, but it does make it difficult to play a consistent game of football. That would not normally be an issue, but as this is a prestige final, we do want to ensure we get a good game.

We have also finished painting our marching band which look rather good practising on the centre circle. Although they are called a marching band, they appear to be quite static. Unless we decide to obtain some clear acrylic so we can drag them around the pitch?! They do fit the bill for our big Cup Final, and combined with the VIP set, including the Queen and a mini trophy, we have everything we need to host the match.

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