Here Come The Advertisers

Work has continued at our White Hart Lane stadium build.

We had a choice of using the old-style Subbuteo green fencing or go with something a bit more up to date. We managed to obtain some solid fencing made by a non-Subbuteo company, which would allow for larger advertisement stickers.

It was a difficult decision, but after checking many videos from the late 1990’s and early 2000, we decided that the solid advertisement boards were a closer match to the real thing.

But we were not satisfied with installing the plastic fencing straight from the packet. We were concerned that we would not have the ability to change the advertisements, depending on the matches that were being played. Also, we wanted to be able to change the stickers should they get damaged or begin to fade.

With these worries, we went a step further and found some magnetic strips that could be used on the fencing. This will allow for the adverts to be changed at will, so league matches can have different advertisers to European or International matches.


We now have a huge selection of advertisements, which can be changed all around the pitch if we choose to do so. We believe this is another first for a Subbuteo stadium, as we look to replicate real life as much as possible.

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