Inter Milan Win Year 5 European Cup

After a fantastic tournament, the Final of the Year 5 European Cup has arrived. The two finalists are Inter Milan from Italy and Dinamo Bucharest from Romania. Dinamo were the surprise team after beating both Rangers and Celtic from Scotland as well as an unbelievable victory over Bayern Munich. Inter Milan’s journey was almost more difficult as they beat of beating Chelsea, then reigning Champions Liverpool before overcoming Atletico Madrid.

Straight from kick-off Dinamo pressed for an early goal as Milan were content to take their time and absorb the pressure. They did this well and then moved forward to begin their offense. Dinamo panicked and gave away a free kick on the edge of the goalkeepers area. Milan duly stepped up and hammered home the first goal to make it 1-0.

Milan take the lead from a free kick

The spectators were ready for Milan to hold tight but Dinamo found back as they looked for the equaliser. The fans did not have to wait long as a cutting pass caught out Inters defence as they too gave away a free kick. Despite the wall shielding the keeper, it was not enough and Dinamo made it 1-1.

Free kick for Dinamo to equalise

The early pressure from Dinamo was beginning to show, as the players in red began to tire. Milan took full advantage of this as their sticker was soon through with a great chance in front of the goal. He hit the ball cleanly to find the corner of the net.

Inter regain the lead after a shot from outside the area

Things began to fall apart for Dinamo at this point as the players could not keep up with Inters dominance. Inter almost got a third goal from kick off and it was only down to goal line technology that proved that the ball did not cross the line.

Inter’s shot did not cross the line

The disallowed goal did not stop Inter and they continued pushing forward to increase the margin. Once again, the ball was passed forward and a fabulous strike from wide left caught the Dinamo keeper out. The score was 3-1 to Inter and Dinamo were falling apart.

In the dying minutes of the game, Inter continued passing the ball around. It was only a matter of time that they found a way through the dejected defenders and soon enough they made sure of the result with a fourth goal. Dinamo did try and get a second to make the score line a little better but Milan stood strong.

A great strike makes it 3-1 to Inter Milan

The final whistle blew and Inter Milan from Italy take the victory and the European Cup for the first time.

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