It’s A Goal!

So after much searching for a modern style goal, we have finally managed to snag a unique, custom made set on an auction site, which are just perfect for what we wanted.

Even though the new goals look a lot bigger than our current tournament goals, after some comparisons we have found that they are almost identical in size. We think the perceived size difference is mainly due to the thickness of the goal post, which is a lot bigger. The actual goal mouth is the same size as a standard Subbuteo goal and they look excellent in place.

There was one small change that were going to attempt, and that was to try and replace the green string between the rear upright and the net with black, or even white string. No goal in the world uses green string! Sadly, after closer inspection we have found that it’s partially glued and we cannot risk damaging the goals, so we will leave it as it is!

An alternative option is to try and put some permanent colour/ink on the string and that will hopefully stain it black, which will still give the desired effect.

These new goals look great and we cannot wait to put some stadium stands behind them to really get a realistic picture of them in place. After using these goals for a few matches, there is small downside to them. Due to the rear netting being vertical rather than angled, the ball does tend to bounce straight back out again instead of being angled downwards. It has led to a few disputed goal decisions, where it is difficult to tell if it went in or not. Guess that is the price of progress!

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