It’s Not All About The Football

So it’s been a busy time at White Hart Lane. With spectators being able to return to stadiums after the pandemic, our staff have been working hard to see how other sporting events may work at the ground, to boost income and usage.

This may cause some upset amongst some Subbuteo purists, but it’s our stadium and our rules! Football will always be our main focus, although it is nice to try some other games once in a while.

The pitch was mowed and the groundsman has been painting white lines to see how rugby would work. He has reported back that the pitch now looks great and fits in well with the existing fencing. We have implemented some proper Subbuteo rugby posts and even managed to find some different coloured plastic bits to look like the padding around each post.

Despite owning a number of Subbuteo Rugby teams, we are yet to try a go at the alternative Subbuteo sport. The rules look rather confusing and we are not sure how the game of rugby actually translates into a Subbuteo format. We will give it a go at some point.

Another game we used to enjoy is Test Match cricket. Again, we may be pushing the ‘boundaries’ (did you get that?!) of what is possible, especially as the scale is completely different, but the cricket pitch fits well inside our ground.

We are now working on painting all 18 county T20 (or Vitality Blast) teams uniforms onto numerous Test Match cricket players. We are not even big cricket fans, but we are enjoying the painting and the games can be fun.

The painting has taken some time away from the stadium build for now, but once it is complete, then we can get back to the main job again. We do intend to hold a mini T20 Blast season in between our Subbuteo football seasons, so that will be a nice change of pace. Now we know the ground works for rugby and cricket, we cannot wait to get some grandstands in place to finish the scene.

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