Technology Leads The Way

It is exciting times at Subbuteo Stadium as we move onto the next part of our project.

Although technology did not grace the stadiums in the 1990’s, we have decided to bring some technology into our Subbuteo world.

Not only would we like our Subbuteo stadium to be unique, we hope that technology will help solve some practical issues. As a solo player, it can sometimes be difficult to confirm if the ball crossed the goal line or not. Also, with the speed of some shots, the ball can be deflected out of the goal so quickly, that it can be impossible to know if it hit the post, goalkeeper of the back of the net. If you blink at the wrong time, then you have no chance of knowing and we want to avoid any potential game changing issues.

This problem will hopefully be a thing of the past with our new upgrades. We are adding cameras for goal line technology, along the lines of VAR. We managed to find some cheap ‘Go-Pro’ equivalent type mini-cameras, which are perfect. They come with an option to record in slow motion, then the footage can be replayed if needed.

Okay – we admit they are not quite to scale, but as real VAR cameras are almost impossible to see, this is the best we can do.

We just need to do a bit of experimenting with them now to ensure there is a clear line of slight of the goal during matches.

The other small issue is that as slow-motion records so much footage, we may have to limit use to only goal scoring situations – which may become an issue during matches if we have to pause to switch the camera on/off.

Overall, they are a nice new feature to have and make our Subbuteo stadium a unique and exciting place.

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