The Pitch Is Laid

The pitch has now been laid, which is a huge milestone for the project.

We decided to go with a Pegasus pitch from SubbuteoWorld. We had hoped to go for a chequered pitch, but sadly they were unavailable – so we went for the striped option instead. This is not too much of an issue, as Spurs have used the striped cut at White Hart Lane.

Although we were advised to use repositioning glue to fix the pitch to the board so the position can be adjusted (via a YouTube video), things did not go quite to plan. We used a liberal amount of glue because it comes in a spray can, so it is difficult to get an even amount across the board. We also left the glue for a few minutes before laying the pitch on top. When we put the pitch on top, it began to bubble underneath, so we quickly put some weights on to to keep it flat and managed to avert a potential disaster.

Sadly, when we returned later to inspect the pitch, there were a few areas where the glue had reacted with the underneath material of the pitch and left mark.

These are not too noticeable so we just about got away with it – but if we ever get to lay a new pitch we will have to use a different adhesive.

We are now working on the fencing around the pitch, but we were able to play a ceremonial opening game: an international match between Denmark and England.

It was a fantastic end-to-end game, which ended after extra time in a 3-3 draw. Despite England missing their first two penalties, they eventually won the match on sudden death.

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