Year 5 FA Cup Final – Match Report

So the day of the FA Cup Final arrived and there was a real buzz in the air as the clock ticked down towards kick-off. The teams lined up on the pitch and some were surprised when the special guest was announced as the Queen, who came out to greet them, accompanied by her entourage. With the Queen being a secret West Ham supporter, she was a little unhappy that she had missed the League Cup Final a few months ago and had to suffer watching ‘these two ghastly teams’!

The game soon began and both teams found the Wembley pitch to be much softer than their league pitches. This resulted in the ball running a bit slower, meaning it was a scrappy encounter. This affected the first half of the game, with a lot of mistakes and poor passing. Norwich took the upper hand by attacking, with Notts Forest sitting back and trying to counter on the break. Both sides had a few chances which were off target, until Norwich had the best moment of the half with a shot on the edge of the area. The Norwich striker hit the ball well, but the Forest defenders stood firm and managed to bundle the ball out for a corner.

Norwich earn a free-kick in a dangerous position

It was all equal at half-time as the players left the pitch to take a well-earned break.

In the second half, Norwich continued to dominate possession, but Forest suddenly had a good break. The Norwich defender mistimed his rushed tackle to bring down the player. The referee awarded a direct free kick to Forest.

Forest line up the free kick with Norwich making a wall

Norwich put up a 4 man wall, but the Forest player struck the ball perfectly and the ball found the far corner of the goal. Norwich players claimed that the ball had not crossed the line, but replays showed it clearly had. The Forest players ran for the corner in celebration. 1-0 to Forest.

Replays show the ball cleared crossed the goal line

Despite Norwich attacking even harder in the last 20 minutes, they could not find the target. Forest players defended for their lives and played really well. The referee allowed some extra time, which frustrated the Forest team, but Norwich could not find a way through. The final whistle was blown and Nottingham Forest have won the FA Cup 1-0.

The Queen came back onto the pitch to award the teeny-tiny trophy to the winning team. She could be heard talking to one of her advisors that it was an awful match and she could not wait to get back home to her Corgis. Charming! The Forest players could not care, as they were too busy waving the trophy in the air and downing cheap champagne.

The Forest players celebrate as the Queen tries to hand over the trophy!

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